Schematic Trading has a high quality focus on piping systems which are available to be purchased in a variety of materials:

Thermoplastic and fibreglass

Thermoplastic and fibreglass products are a highly cost effective answer when compared to  steel  rubber-lined and  stainless steel  products. they  are  much lighter and  therefore easier to  install. they are  also maintenance free and provides an extended service life under most strenuous conditions.

All our welding is completed to sabs welding procedures by suitably qualified personnel.

Capacities : 20mm to 630mm (outside diameter) fabrication of piping spools and assemblies are also handled by us. as is our full structural steel support system and civil works support system if required.


Thermoplastic   piping   overwrapped   with   fibreglass   greatly   improves   the pressure rating and offers superior external protection. e.g chlorine plant, and acid plants.


The manufacturing method employed for piping manufacture is a semi automatic helical tape wrapping system.

Schematic can fabricate equipment with an internal diameter of 20mm to 900mm.

The major applications are for the chemical industry and water treatment plants.the main resins used are vynlester and bisphonolic. both these resins offer a very high degree of chemical resistance even under the most arduous conditions.


These are fabricated for the chemical purification and pollution control for such operations as sugarmills and chemical industries. We also fabricate all the  internal components.

tank and pressure vessels

Tanks with a capacity of up to 5m in diameter can be fabricated with or without a thermoplastic lining.

These are used mainly in the mining and chemical industry other applications include water treatment plants, breweries, fertilizer factories and the automotive industry these tanks are highly suited to the storage of aggressive chemicals in liquid form eg acids.

ancilliary equipment

We are able to fabricate equipment such as filter baskets, strainers, aeration manifolds, plunge tanks and any kind of general fibreglass moulding for industries.