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Excellent service delivery, putting the needs of its clients first and producing quality goods is the secret behind 30 years of successful business trading for Schematic Trading.

The Durban-based company designs and manufactures fiberglass tanks and piping systems, and also provides installation of thermoplastic piping systems throughout South Africa. Founded on September 11, 1984, the company first opened its doors in Isipingo and operated in rented premises for 16 years before moving to its current premises at 26 Sage Road, Jacobs.

Schematic Trading supports five installation teams who work on both installation and maintaining of existing equipment throughout South Africa. Each team comprises five people, who do site visits, and installation and maintenance. Schematic Trading is known for producing piping systems, tanks, pressure vessels, scrubbers and chemical process equipment using thermoplastics, fibreglass and composite material.

Schematic Trading also manufactures tanks (up to 5metres in diameter), which are predominantly used in the mining and chemical industry. The tanks are highly suited to the storage of aggressive chemicals such as acid. Other products include scrubbers for chemical purification and pollution controls for sugar mills and the chemical industry.


It supplies major Chemical companies, Sugar mills, and Motor, Pulp and paper factories. Even though we deal with companies in Gauteng, Cape Town and elsewhere, we send out our teams to service these clients.Transportation of tanks and other equipment are taken using abnormal loads.


Apart from its main product line, Schematic Trading manufactures equipment such as filter baskets strainers, aeration manifolds, plunge tanks and any other kind of fibreglass general moulding.

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The Staff

The company has a staff compliment of 48 and this includes five shareholders.

In keeping with BEE compliance Schematic Trading has welcomed shareholders Nicholas Dlamini, Kogie Naidu, Michael Ngcobo, and SV Buthelezi.

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